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Ear Lobe Repair

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Ear lobes are delicate, three-dimensional structures that also change over time. Heavy earrings can cause ear lobes to elongate or can stretch piercing holes. Trauma to the ear lobe can cause ear lobes to tear causing unsightly damage. Certain kinds of earrings may also purposefully stretch the earlobe causing permanent changes to its shape. Ear lobe repair surgery can repair, tighten, or reshape ear lobes to improve their appearance and/or ability to wear earrings.


Ear lobe repair surgery can be performed in the office or in an operating room with either sedation or general anesthesia depending on your comfort level and preference. Depending on the exact problem with your earlobe, incisions are planned to hide scars and recreate proper ear lobe shape and size. Incisions are usually closed with stitches that are removed within a week after surgery. It is important to not wear earrings or re-pierce the ear lobe for at least 2 months after surgery. Once the ear lobe has healed sufficiently it can be pierced again, if desired.