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Hair Transplant

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A full head of thick hair often conveys youth, attractiveness, and vitality. Hair loss or thinning is a common problem affecting both men and women. Approximately 50 million men and about 30 million women in the US suffer from hair loss. Hair loss and thinning can create an older appearance and affect your confidence and social performance. Hair loss can be genetic or can be caused by multiple medical problems. During your consultation, Dr. Caceres will review your medical history and family history as well as perform a thorough examination to determine a personalized treatment plan for you.

Hair Transplant

Hair restoration surgery techniques have improved dramatically in recent years. Dr. Caceres is an expert in hair restoration and uses the FUT, or follicular unit transplant, technique that uses micrografts to transplant hair follicles individually eliminating unsightly scars or unnatural appearing hairlines. Hairlines are individually tailored to your specific anatomy and desired results.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is usually performed in the office with some light sedation and local anesthesia. The area from which the hairs will be harvested is numbed completely. The hair is then harvested either in a strip or by individual hair follicle units. The pros and cons of each harvesting approach will be discussed with you in your consultation so, together, we can make the best decision for you. After the hair is harvested it is separated into individual hair follicle grafts. These are then placed through tiny needle incisions into the areas that will receive the hair transplant. It is absolutely essential that these hairs are placed with similar trajectories and configuration to the surrounding hair to create the most natural and full appearance.

Hair Transplant Results

After undergoing a hair transplant, a small amount of discomfort, bruising, or swelling may occur but is temporary. Hair follicles are quite sensitive and the transplanted or surrounding hairs may fall out and enter a temporary dormant stage. Although this can last a few months, do not worry, as the hair will eventually grow back again to create a fuller and more youthful hairline. Many patients are directed to continue any hair loss medication after the procedure to improve the results and maintain hair thickness.

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