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Lip Lift

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Full and luscious lips give you a more youthful and attractive appearance. As we age, the upper lip thins and droops, increasing the distance between the nose and the upper lip causing the whole face to appear older. Some people are also born with long upper lips which detract from their overall facial appearance. A lip lift is a surgical procedure that can lift the upper lip, shortening it and improving upper lip fullness and teeth show.

Lip Lift Procedure

A lip lift is performed with an incision hidden at the base of the nose. The deep tissue of the upper lip is lifted and resuspended, shortening the lip and improving lip fullness. The incision is meticulously closed with tiny sutures so it heals perfectly, hiding it in the crease at the base of the nose without changing the nasal shape. A lip lift can be performed in the office or in an operating room. Most patients are given some sedation or general anesthesia depending on their comfort level and preference. Lip lifts are also often combined with other procedures such as a facelift or rhinoplasty. The lip lift can also be precisely tailored to correct lip asymmetry or improve lip shape.

Lip Lift Results

After a lip lift patients can expect a more plump and youthful appearance to the upper lip. The results can be subtle or dramatic and are tailored to produce changes such as:

  • Increased upper lip fullness
  • Shortening the distance between the nose and the lip
  • Increased tooth show
  • Decreased need for fillers