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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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The best way to ensure that the rhinoplasty recovery process is as short and comfortable as possible is to understand what to expect ahead of time. It’s important to follow Dr. Caceres’s recovery directions closely to encourage faster healing. For more details about rhinoplasty recovery in St. Petersburg, patients can reach out to Kevin Caceres MD, Facial Plastic Surgery.

Prepare for Recovery Ahead of Time

It’s important for patients to avoid dealing with stress as much as possible while they are still recovering from the rhinoplasty. A huge help to this is preparing one’s bedroom for recovery ahead of time. By doing so, patients will be able to focus on healing.

Follow Instructions

Just before patients are sent home, they will be provided with instructions on how to care for the incisions and activities to avoid. It’s important to stick to these instructions in order to avoid any delays in recovery.

Get Plenty of Rest

Recovering from rhinoplasty takes a lot of energy, and the first few days following the procedure can be especially stressful for the body. As such, patients must take every opportunity to rest during this period.

Demanding chores should be avoided at this time, and patients must take time off from work to heal. However, light exercises like short walks are recommended to improve blood circulation, which can help patients heal faster.

Bruising and Swelling

Immediately following rhinoplasty surgery, bruising and swelling may be present in and around the nose. These will take time to fade. To aid in this process, patients should make sure to always keep their head elevated. Pillows can be used to help with this overnight. Patients can also apply a cold compress to the affected areas as directed.

Take All Medications as Prescribed

While patients are recovering, they must take all medications as prescribed. These include antibiotics to prevent infections and pain-control medications to deal with any pain or discomfort.

Activity Modifications

Patients must avoid physically taxing activities like heavy exercise and sports for at least four weeks during their nasal surgery recovery period. Anything that could cause trauma to the nose should be avoided, since the tissues will still be healing and will be especially prone to damage.

Patients will not be able to wear glasses for two to three weeks after their rhinoplasty procedure. If a nasal splint is in place, patients may be able to rest their glasses on it one week after the surgery.

It will be important to avoid blowing one’s nose if at all possible. If the patient needs to blow their nose and it cannot be avoided, it will be necessary to do it incredibly gently.

Eat Healthy

The body will need the right kinds of nutrients in order to heal faster following the rhinoplasty. A healthy diet is recommended after the procedure. Food that is rich in proteins like eggs, meat, and nuts will be especially helpful.

Length of Recovery

The amount of time that it takes for patients to recover from a rhinoplasty can vary. After six weeks, for example, the bones in the nose should already be stable enough for patients to resume their regular activities in full. This includes strenuous exercises, as well as being able to blow their nose without feeling anxious about it.

Set Up a Consultation

Patients can learn more about rhinoplasty recovery in St. Petersburg when they reach out to Kevin Caceres MD, Facial Plastic Surgery. To schedule a consultation, contact our office.